The Woodturner on Kronens Hede in National Park Thy

Ernst Kempf - Kronens hede vej 12, 7700 Thisted

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Ernst Kempf.

The Woodturner on Kronens Hede
in National Park Thy

Kronens hede vej 12

DK-7700 Thisted



45 9797 4242 eller 45 6064 4242




CVR nr. DK12069588

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I live with my wife in Thy in the north western part of Denmark. We live in a forest and close to heather, dunes and the North Sea.  I started my turning on an old foot powered lathe in my grandfather's basement, I was around 12 years old. He bought it from the garages of the Danish railroads about a century ago. As boy I spend days down in the basement with the lathe. It was build for metal, but I used it for wood as well. I was totally on my own, so it was not unusual to get cracked pots or knobs. So slowly the interest fainted. When my grandfather passed away I inherited the lathe. It has retired to our basement since then and has only been used sporadically. In 2004 I retired and began to look to the lathe again. I mounted it with an electric motor and a land and started turning. But there were problems with the bench. The cones was not standard morse tapers, so I could not buy accessories for the lathe and the bearings went hot very easy.

So in 2007 I decided to buy a proper bench. The choice felled on a Vicmarc VL300, short model, a choice I have been very satisfied with. Since then I have turned reasonable intensively, some (my wife) think too intensive. On the other hand, it takes hours, days, years of experience to get good control of tools and wood and how to treat it. In these pages I have collected some of the experience I have gained through reading, courses and trying.


Luckily there are many ways of doing things, try to find your own style based on your own experiences.


In the gallery are photos of some of the stuff I have turned in recent years.



Dishes, pots and shapes are all one of a kind products. However, I have often similar topics in stock or can turn them on order.

I have a small stock of Spinning tops, pepper mills, pens and teething rattles,  and can quickly turn more on order.



TV broadcast from National TV on my woodturning:




Oticon kunstforening, 2010

Det ny Kastet, Thisted

       Mul Thy mini, 2011

Kirsten Kjærs museum, 2012

Fussingø Slot, invited to

       Art and Craft 2013

The Censured Autumn Exhibition         2014 in Gimsinghoved in Struer

Art in the Hall, Vang, Thisted 2015

The Censured Autumn Exhibition           2015 in Gimsinghoved in Struer

Art Society "Limfjorden"'s
  Easter Exhibition 2016,
        Lemvig Gymnasium

Art of Sky, Aarhus april-may 2016


The Censured Autumn Exhibition           2016 in Gimsinghoved in Struer